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Gap Analysis

You’re already on your way to compliance with new data protection laws but you can’t be sure where you’ve left chinks in your armour. Our initial mini audit will expose the areas where your organisation is still vulnerable to litigation and scrutiny from the ICO.

What we offer:

  • Assessment of Privacy Policies and consent procedures to ensure they meet your requirements
  • Investigation into employee practices.
  • Comprehensive audit to build your ‘records of processing activities’

Our approach aims to make a minimal impact on your activities while building your policies around you, with minimal reliance on Consent Forms.


Internal Governance

We have done the hard work for you, and clients have access to our range of compliance tools to strengthen your data protection regime where necessary.

These include:

  • Information Asset Register to demonstrate internal management of data flows
  • Fresh Policies to build consistency across your team
  • Contract Terms to update your supplier and employment agreements
  • Privacy Notices to ensure you fulfil requirements for transparency
  • Toolkits and procedures to manage data breach reporting, and requests from Data Subjects

Putting the proper structure in place is crucial to meeting the new ‘accountability’ requirements.

On-going consultancy

The road to long-term compliance requires much more than simply putting ticks in boxes;  it means living up to new standards and embedding them in your day-to-day practices.

Consultancy areas include:

  • Annual health-check to ensure your regime is up to date with your activities
  • Staff training sessions to ensure staff have the knowledge to prevent breaches and keep their activities in line with policies
  • Data Breach support when the worst happens
  • On-call advice service for ad hoc consultancy

The bottom line from our perspective: we will be on hand to assist as much as you require.