GDP Armour is a Data Protection Consultancy focused on serving clients in the South East of England, whether SMEs, charities, schools or public organisations, with guidance and support in complying with new Europe-wide laws on Data Protection.

GDPR replaces the decades old Data Protection Act in the UK, enhancing and expanding the rights of individuals to control their data, while raising the bar for organisations.

GDPR has transformed the compliance environment, empowering the Information Commissioner’s Office to issue fines of up to €20million or 4% of turnover for non-compliance (whichever is greater). Fines aren’t just in the event of a breach, but for non-compliance itself, and in addition to fines and penalties the new law is creating a market for litigation among data subjects.

There has never been a more pressing need for businesses and organisations to take data protection seriously – and yet media reports suggest as few as 50% of organisation expect to be ready when changes come in on 25th May.

GDP Armour was formed to provide a close support service to help clients make the initial changes to their business structure, from assessing present levels of compliance to embedding new policies and procedures, providing staff training and upgrading your documentation to bring contracts and practices within the law.

About the founder:

David Charity is a legal professional with 20 years of experience in employment law, since expanding into HR and data protection consultancy.