You have been linked to this page to provide us with an overview of your provision of IT services as they relate to the data activities of our client.

This will kick-start our assessment of their current Data Protection practices, and enable us to build the assets that will ensure full compliance.

Please answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

* e.g. of types of data asset include: email systems, databases, electronic file storage locations, web servers & cloud storage. You need only include those that contain personal data (for examples of personal data see below).

Section 1: Please answer the questions in this section with reference to the numbers you have used for the data assets described above.

* e.g. names, work addresses, home addresses, telephone numbers, emails, d.o.b., bank details, NI numbers, payroll information, HR records, IT system usage data, IP addresses, CCTV, social media IDs, Pension information, etc.
* we are primarily interested in the country in which data is located.
* e.g. server in locked cabinet, server in locked server room, server in secure remote location, etc
* e.g. encryption (please give type), two factor authentication, system access controls, data access controls, transmission controls, input controls, data backups (please say how often), data segregation, automatic password update, etc

Section 2: Other infomation

* e.g. remote data deletion capability, BYOD data segregation, mandatory password protection, secure device applications only for work activities, etc
Alternatively, please email the relevant clause/s to 'info@gdparmour.co.uk'.