Get a full health-check of your data processing activities

We take the same approach as your team, to diagnose the root cause of your issues and provide the best remedies for your unique situation.

What we do:

  • Investigate your activities and locate the gaps in your compliance
  • Assess your policies and procedures
  • Provide you the solutions you need to comply

Make sure you know what your requirements are

If your practice doesn’t have rigid procedures you may be processing data unlawfully.

What you need:

  • Records of processing for all sensitive personal data (including health information)
  • An appropriate policy to govern how you keep this data safe
  • A Data Protection Officer to oversee your processes

Wear your GDPR compliance like a badge of honour

Most organisations haven’t done enough to comply with GDPR. Take a positive approach and advertise yourself as a responsible data handler to your patients and customers.

Make the most of:

  • Privacy Notices embedded in your registration forms
  • Strong security to keep sensitive data secure
  • Training to prevent the risks of a data breach