We are not here to scare you, preach to you or tell you what you’ve heard before. You’ve been paying attention and you understand the importance of getting this right, acting now and being able to demonstrate compliance. Those who don’t know these things face an existential risk in the new data protection environment.

Our approach is to focus on practical steps to compliance, delivered hand-in-hand with your senior management. The GDPR is complicated and lengthy, the ICO guidance likewise: you need a partner that understands all aspects and can shine light on the most effective solutions for your organisation.

There is no single turn-key solution to the compliance challenge – so at GDP Armour we work to protect our clients with an arsenal of legal and policy documentation, comprehensive consultation and support as required. We lead and work closely alongside you in your journey to compliance and beyond.

GDPR can be viewed as an obstacle, and to the uninitiated it will certainly seem this way, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity that can make your organisation stand head and shoulders above the competition. We will help you build a reputation as a champion of data protection.

If you need:

  • Management awareness training / Full team training
  • Initial Data Audit and Current Compliance Assessment
  • Tailored policies, procedures and other inward-facing documentation
  • An appointed Data Compliance Officer / Data Protection Officer to fulfil responsible person and ‘first port of call’ requirements
  • Contact info@gdparmour.co.uk to discuss pricing and which solution best suits your needs.

    Services can be provided on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis, or within annual Service Level Agreements (discounted rates).