Our training options range from an initial orientation to get your senior management clued up on their responsibilities, to full training sessions for your entire team. We ensure key decision-makers are on the same page, and staff know how to operate securely to minimise the chance of a data breach.

Manager orientation

It’s important that key personnel know where they fit in to ensure data protection is at the heart of the organisation. We provide basic training on the fundamentals of law along with specific guidance for your industry.Your senior staff will leave the session knowing that the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of compliance has been turned into a manageable step-by-step process and an asset to engage with your clients and customers.

Team Training

After you have an audit in place and your policies are set it’s crucial that you turn the literature into a corporate culture. We recommend a group training session to bring everybody up to speed – you never know who in the organisation could be the first to spot a data breach, or be a port of call for a Subject Access Request.

Your team will be able to demonstrate:

  • A good working knowledge of data protection, and a confident attitude to operating within the law;
  • Responsibility for their own working practices and processing activities;
  • Respect for the rights of data subjects, and an ability to work with the risks to others in mind;
  • Readiness to spot a potential breach situation and act appropriately.

Moving forward, we provide follow-up emails with training reminders and updates on best practice to keep things fresh in their minds.